• There are not enough words in the book to say how truly incredible you were in solos and in your over-the-top Kill Bill double. An absolute TRIUMPH of a performance piece on a very small stage and you were so athletic and graceful and full of energy...Again.. a real privilege to know and work with you.
    Shai Shahar

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  • "Mooie choreografie van alledaagse eenzaamheid. Jakop Ahlbom doet het in zijn nieuwe voorstelling Het leven, een gebruiksaanwijzing bij Dansmakers aan het IJ. Met kopjes thee, blikjes bier, een SM-outfit, een papieren vliegtuigje, een schilderij en een gestreken overhemd bouwt hij een ingenieuze choreografie van dagelijkse routines die langzaam maar zeker ontspoort..."

Raoul Dumas

I was 9 the day my parents caught me dancing on the wooden floor in our farmhouse in Enschede. Though very young, dancing held much more appeal for me than playing violin or piano. So, I decided to put an end to my private lessons and enrol instead at the local conservatory. After graduating, I continued my studies at the Vaganova Ballet School in Riga and the Rotterdam Dance Academy.

My professional career began when I signed up with Introdans where I had the opportunity to develop my skills and to travel around the world. Four years later I decided to focus on contemporary dance with Krisztina de Châtel followed by a fruitful period at the National Dance Company Wales (Diversions) and De Dutch Don’t Dance Division, in the lead role of 'Coriolanus' during De Parade festival.

I then moved to Beirut to work with Maqamat Dance Theatre in creating a performance for the Dancing on the Edge festival, held in various cities around the Netherlands.

Back in Amsterdam, I was introduced to the world of burlesque as a freelance performer and choreographer while I played the role of 'Regentes' with Jeugdtheater Sonnevanck.

Now, under the name of Dumas Dance, I perform, teach, choreograph and create my own productions.

Read the interview with Jeanet Westenberg (in dutch)

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